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bank bag tool kit


By Ray Hinnant

When we travel, about 10,000 miles in the last two years, I take plenty of tools, spare parts, and lots of supplies. These are neatly stored in the toolbox behind the front bumper, under the seat in the coupe, stashed in the rumble seat, and in the trunk (and/or pop-up Zagglemeyer camper). A major emergency such as water pump rebuild, head gasket change, starter or generator repair, or other major problems require many tools and parts. This entails unlocking the toolbox or trunk, or removing the coupe seat. No big deal if it only happens infrequently. However, there are some things that require more frequent adjustment, such as adjusting the points and tightening the water pump packing nut. A small tool bag sitting behind the seat in the tray on the coupe or stashed somewhere else in the car is very convenient. Many years ago, I began using a small bank deposit bag to hold a small collection of tools and supplies. This bag contains items that I use often.

Happy motoring from the Brazos Valley A's Vintage Model A Club.

Tools in My Bank Bag

  • Flashlight (2 - AA mini-mag lights)
  • Water pump wrench
  • 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch combination wrench
  • Small pliers (slip joint and/or vise grips)
  • Blade screwdriver (small and stubby)
  • Screwdriver that holds small screws
  • Magnet pickup (retrieves most of the things I drop)
  • Distributor cam wrench
  • Thread locker
  • Emory files
  • Fuses
  • Electrical tape
  • Water pump packing (in a film canister)

There are several tools that I have modified to speed things up. The first is a 1/2 inch specialty wrench (for removing the timing pin). The box end is cut off and a screwdriver forged and bent 90 degrees for tightening the distributor cam screw. The next two tools are modified for use only on the Model A. A spark plug gap tool (modified by removing all but the .035 wire) and an old rusty feeler gauge (.020, all the other feeler gauges rusted shut, or cut all of the gauges except the .020). No mistakes, only the ones I need are left on the gauge. All of these tools and supplies fit easily into a small bank bag. The tools are readily accessible and I don't have to search through all my tool bags. For most minor problems, I just have to grab the bank bag and I have all the tools that I need.

Brazos Valley A's

Ray Hinnant is a member of the Brazos Valley A's, a vintage Model A Club, located in Bryan-College Station, Texas.

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