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Ford Model A just for fun

Just for Fun

Driving a Model A is TONS of fun, and we want to extend the fun experience to our website. Take a look at some original cartoons and animations that are Model A related - and are created by Brazos Valley A's members.

Have fun and a chuckle and a laugh on us!


By Ray Hinnant

Ray is an avid Model A'er who has a wealth of experiences under his belt. When you look at his cartoons, you will get a chuckle from his wit and humor as it relates to the hobby. Be prepared to have your funny bone tickled.

Ford Model A just for fun
Ford Model A just for fun

Ford Model A just for fun
Ford Model A just for fun

Ford Model A just for fun
Ford Model A just for fun

Ford Model A just for fun

A Tunes © Ray Hinnant


By Ginger Wentrcek

How many times have you been scooting down the highway in your Model A and all of a sudden you had to slow down to keep from hitting some giant birds that were having a snack in the middle of the road? Well, meet Hank and Ethel, who like to dine on the roadway. Yes, you guessed it - they are buzzards. However, Hank and Ethel are not your ordinary, typical buzzards. Have a laugh or two as they dine, play, and do some pretty funny buzzardy things.

SAFETY TIP: Practice ROAD SAFETY and be sure to watch out for Hank and Ethel, as well as other hazards, on the side of the road as you drive your Model A on your next outing. There are times when drivers of Model A's will pull over on the shoulder of a road to let faster, modern cars pass them. The shoulders can contain large objects that fell off cars or trucks and become projectiles or tire busters if your Model A hits them. A little caution can go a long way to keep you and your family safe while you drive your vintage car.

Hank and Ethel © Ginger Wentrcek

Click each thumbnail to see the cartoons and animations.

butter face cartoon

Hank and Ethel

meal decision cartoon

Meal Decisions

same old dinner cartoon

Same Ol' Daily
Dinner Dilemma

what Hank wants to eat cartoon

What Hank Really Wants To Eat

buzzards do what buzzards cartoon

Buzzard Do What Buzzards Do

funky chicken cartoon

I Really Don't Know Him

line dancing partner

Forgetful Line Dancing Partner

May Day problem cartoon

Tangled Up In May Day Problems

Easter fun cartoon

Bunny Style
Easter Fun

Christmas menu cartoon

Tasty Items On Christmas Menu

cloggers cartoon

Grandpappy's Cloggers

diving board intervention cartoon

Ethel's Intervention On Diving Board

Thanksgiving cartoon

First Thanksgiving Misunderstanding

Valentine's Day cartoon

Valentine's Day Helper

Remember this SAFETY TIP:

Watch the road for hazards and stay safe while touring in your Model A.

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