By Ray Hinnant

Ray's Rust - March 2013

By Ray Hinnant

ray hinnet

This year marks 26 years of our participation in the Brazos Valley Model A Club and the 25th Texas Model A Ford Tour. Our first Texas Model A Ford tour was the 25th such tour held in Texas in 1988. Note that it is called the Texas Model A Ford tour, not to be confused with the Texas Tour which is a completely different automobile club tour.

I had just finished "painting" Sherry's car which had been stored since 1973. We loaded Cody and Christa in the rumble seat and headed out Hwy 30 to Conroe through the forest. The interior had been taken out so steel, boards, and chicken wires were proudly on display.

Our club had the honor and duty to provide the car games. We had a teeter totter, a headlight shattering bell game, something to do with a broom and I'm not sure what else. The games were lots of fun even though we did have a minor problem.

I don't remember how many cars were there, but I do know that Sherry took a right turn on the main tour which later turned out to be a wrong turn, and we had 15 or twenty cars right along with us. We didn't know a soul there except for our club members. Jim Corry made a special effort to take me around and introduce me to some famous and not so famous Model A club owners.

For the next decade, we would make every other Model A tour or so, depending on where it was and what was happening. The first Kerrville and Fredericksburg tours that we went on were great. There were more cars there than I have seen at any Texas tour since.

We went for the tours. The short tours and the Grand Tours have always been the highlights of the tour. Having different Model A clubs host the tours has provided a wide variety of events and locations. Some I have liked and some not so much, but for sure, the organizers have put in lots of effort and done their best to provide a fun filled weekend.

If you have never experienced a Texas Model A Ford Tour, I suggest that you do so. It is always fun to see a bunch of Model A's in the parking lot and the Model A people are almost as much fun to watch and interact with as the cars. And remember, the drive to the tour can be as much fun as the actual tour.

See you down the road.


Ray Hinnant is a member of the Brazos Valley A's Model A club in Texas.