Ray's Rust - November 2012

Fordors, Coupes, Phaetons, Roadsters and More

By Ray Hinnant

We joined the Brazos Valley A's Model A Ford Club in 1988. I remember only a couple of Fordors in the club. Bob Bigham had one, but I remember he told me that if he turned a corner the body would just fall off the frame. There may have been another one or two, but I don't remember them. I do remember that for most of the early Texas Tours that we went on there were very few Fordors on the tour. chart There were lots of Tudors, Coupes, Phaetons, Roadsters and various other styles. Then starting about 2000 I started seeing more and more Fordors at bigger tours. The last few years has seen a Fordor boom in our club. We must have over 10 Fordors now just in BVA's. I have no idea where all these Fordors were before the turn of the century. I thought you might be interested in seeing the breakdown of the body styles that were built in the Model A era.

During the four years production cycle of the Model A Ford Tudor's and Coupes were over half of the entire production run. Roadster's and Fordor's were close to the same production figure for a little over of the production cycle with the other quarter being all the other styles. It is also interesting to note that only about 8.25% of Coupes and 1.7% of Tudor's were deluxe models. I suspect that these percentages are nearly reversed today if you take a look at the parking lot of a Texas' Tour.

What ever you drive, keep them running, bring them to meetings and drive them on tours. Enjoy your Model A and I'll see you down the road.

See ya at the next one!

Happy Touring


ray hinnetRay Hinnant is a member of the Brazos Valley A's, a vintage Model A Club located in Bryan-College Station, Texas.