By Bob Hensz

One of the more interesting evenings of the Texas Tour was the Fashion Show which followed the morning's fashion judging. The photo to the left displays the lace covered dress modeled by one young lady. woman in vintage dress The color was in a pale cream and she carried accent pieces of a red fox stole, gloves, and evening bag. To see how complete this ensemble was, look at the matching shoes!

purseAn evening bag, which would be similar in styling as the photo to the left, was displayed on sale at The picture shows this bag, which was identified as a 1930 Whiting and Davis Silver evening bag. It is available at in the 1930's evening purse collection. man in vintage dress

Another fashion that was modeled was a man's tuxedo. The announcer stated that the young man, pictured right, just needed to grow old enough to fit into the tux, and fit he did! It looked like it was made for him. In doing a bit of research, I discovered that the 30's - the era of Great Depression, was probably the greatest "chapter in the history of evening wear." Although times were hard and finances tight, the wealthy maintained an elegant wardrobe that could be valued at nearly $5,000 - or about $80,000 today! In 1933, waistcoats became the fashion, and to better imagine this, picture Fred Astaire in his waistcoat tux dancing along with Ginger Rogers - quite the debonair figure sliding across the dance floor!

Prior to this time period, the men's attire would be marked with a thick, or as it was termed, a "board stiff" suit. But some of the result of the change in fashion has been attributed to Britain and the attire of the future Duke of Windsor and the Prince of Wales midnight blue dress suit - with tails.

For some interesting reading on these men's fashions, look at the additional information at

Bob Hensz is a member of the Brazos Valley A's Model A club in Texas.