Fashions of the Model A Era

By Bob Hensz

September 2014

ladies wear

Ahhh yes! Fall is in the air and cooler weather is nigh upon us. What? You can’t feel it? Ok just open the refrigerator door to remind yourselves that it will get here to Texas eventually. Really it is time to start thinking about a long sleeve some time and the impending holidays. Of course I saw the Christmas trees and decor going in at Sam’s the other day – Come on Really? Can’t they at least wait a bit since the Halloween stuff is not really out yet and we are still having the back-to-school items displayed.

At any rate, lest I drag on a fashion article too long, this month is time to select a very special fashion – or fashion duo I should say that was modeled at the Texas Tour this year. It was one you could not miss, and for which many ooh ed and ahhed over. Both were attired in pale yellow which complemented each other and tied them and your view together in such a manner you did not know which one to look at first.

The baby was attired in a short yellow dress with short frilly sleeves. (it is difficult to see if it is a lace or gathered material from the photo). It is interesting to note according to the MAFCA Fashion Guidelines, infants through one year wore simple easy-to-care for dresses and nightgowns. The summer garments usually had short sleeves (as this one is) and were made of cotton, cambric, muslin, lawn, batiste, and similar materials. She also has on a bonnet with a wider brim to help keep off the sun. The bonnet is tied in the front with a yellow ribbon.

The young mother is attired is a sleeveless evening frock that appears to be out of a satiny Moiré material. If follows the hemlines of the 28-30 period with the hemline in the back falling below the front, but with neither really floor-length. Her shoes are silver attached with a simple strap of matching material over the front. The heels that appear to be about 1 ˝ inch give the shoes a gentle lift. She has full length evening gloves of a complementary pale yellow color. She also has a black velvet cape adorned with a yellow satin ribbon. Her dress and accessories combine in gentle eye appealing harmony to help complete the era fashion. Of course the smile on her face as she looks toward her baby, and the baby’s attire all make this a very special fashion duo.

Bob Hensz is a member of the Brazos Valley A's Model A club in Texas.