Fashions of the Model A Era

By Bob Hensz

January 2013

Waistlines and Hems

A new year is a fitting time to begin an in- depth look at ladies fashions, which is quite fitting since the world of ladies' fashions was then as is now a major focus of all fashion design. As pointed out in many articles on era fashions, 1928 -1929 is quite different from 1930-1931, yet one thing remained constant - no zippers, just snaps, buttons and hooks. In addition, 1928 and 1929 fashions had a low waistline and hems went to the knees or a bit lower. In 1930-31 the waistline moved back to the natural waist and the hems moved back more to mid-calf and the dress had a more fitted look. Of course we must remember that on 1929 the stock market crashed and we entered the "Great Depression" which surely had an impact on the fashions. Clearly instead of the more loose, carefree life they had been living, then were suddenly thrust into the "we have to be conservative" lifestyle. The struggle of everyday life for all Americans had to have resulted in changes in fashions.

The shoes and accessories also will bear a close look. In the 1920s mass production made a more fashionable shoe available to women. In the late 20s the more popular styles were the T-strap, high tongue, cutaway decorated and crossovers (nowhere near the crossover trainers of today!)

In the coming months we will look at all of these starting with ladies coats next month.

Bob Hensz is a member of the Brazos Valley A's Model A club in Texas.