Fashions of the Model A Era

By Bob Hensz

February 2013

coat worn in Model A era

February in Henry Ford country would typically continue to be cold and rather blustery. coat worn in Model A era And although February is Valentine's Day month, and cold weather is a really good time to snuggle up I will not be presenting an article on night wear or undergarments, instead it is a good time to begin a feature on coats. Within the fashion area of coordinated apparel, is the outer garments category. This category consists of outer articles worn to complete an outfit and includes coats. Now for me, I would rather think that this is not merely to complete an outfit, but more to keep you warm, yet some coats were clearly donned to make a fashion statement.

Coats, according to the MAFCA Fashion Guidelines book, were set apart by trends. Spring and summer coats were usually made of fabric with an occasional fur collar trim or cuffs. Fall and winter coats included a lot more fur trim, with luxury winter coats being all fur. It appears that seal and beaver was frequently used for the luxury winter coats, with muskrat, coney (rabbit), opossum, or fake fur velour along with suede and horsehide used for less expensive coats. Most daytime coats included belts, while the evening coats normally had no fastenings. The 1930 coats were less confining and tapered slightly below the hips, then flared to the hem. As noted in Country Gentleman, April 1930, "coats that used to cover the hem of the dress now may be any length at all." Th picture to the left shows a typical 1930 coat.

coat worn in Model A era

Above left: An evening coat showing the hem of the coat well above the dress hem as noted in the article from Country Gentleman. Above right: A belted coat from 1929 - note the collar and cuffs, which were probably fur.

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Bob Hensz is a member of the Brazos Valley A's Model A club in Texas.